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is setting the corners of the box primitive possible?

Jan 15, 2008 at 4:09 AM
Hey guys, great work so far! I was wondering about creating wedge or pyramid objects and saw that the box constructor only allows you to set side lengths. Is paralell sides part of the physics calculation? Would it not work, for example, to make two pairs of corners the same to create a wedge shape?

Also, I read in another post that the triangle mesh is static only, so I couldnt use that either, correct?
Jan 15, 2008 at 1:50 PM
At the moment you only can use Planes, Trinangle Meshs and Heightmaps (static primitives) and Spheres,Capsules and Boxes (dynamic). We are still optimizing the engine and when this is done i will write a ConvexHull DetectFunctor. So you can add anything you like - of course this will be slower than the optimized primitives. "Round" objects like spheres, capsules and cones need alot of triangles to get represented, so its a 'good idea' to add special primitive types for them. A wedge/pyramid can be presented by some triangles, that should be no problem in the future.

If you really want the wedge, pyramid to work at the moment you can write your own DetectFunctors for it and pass the to the CollisionSystem via 'RegisterCollDetector" and you have to write a custom primitive- alot of work. Or you can add several box primitives to the same collisionSkin and attach it to a body. (JigLibX supports combined skins). This would look like this: