Car object Qs

Apr 3, 2008 at 3:16 PM
I specifically picked this physics engine because.. well the physics are great. I am trying to make a drifting video game ( if you are unfamiliar) and physics are of the utmost importance. The only way to get a car to drift is to use the physics of the car to do so. With that said, I am having trouble with the physics ><

I am specifically looking for certain variables:
tire grip/contact. I figured it would be a float but it seems to be multiple variables
Weight distribution (how much weight has shifted to the front/back/sides)

Does the amount of weight on the front/back of the car have an effect on grip? IE if you brake really hard, will the car dip forward and put more weight on the front tires giving it more grip?

Also would anyone like for me to integrate the pacejka formula to the tires? I am doing research on it and it would help me out but I dont know if anyone else could use it.