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Car wheels fall through the ground (trianglemesh)

Feb 9, 2009 at 2:05 PM
Hi guys! First, glad to see you in business again :)

I am using JigLibX in a large project in which car drives over TriangleMesh object.
When such an object is large enough (200 000 triangles for example), the car may behave very strange.
The problem (I suppose) is in Wheel - to - TriangleMesh collision detection mechanism.

The most disappointing bug is that wheels (but not the chassis) may sometimes fall through the ground (through the TriangleMesh). The 0.1Alpha version doesn't suffer from this issue, but performance of this version on XBOX is below acceptable.
There are some other (minor) peculiarities, we can discuss if you wish, but this one is VERY important.

Thank you for your work and excuse me for my english :).